Our Member Services

As a trade association, we strive to meet our members’ needs through issue-specific committees, forums, and events.  Our staff is dedicated to specific topics that are of interest to our members.  We serve our members’ needs by providing access to usable data so they can analyze trends in healthcare services, employment, and quality initiatives.

We represent 29 member hospitals and health organizations in 11 counties in the areas of quality of care, advocacy, member services and reports, and health information technology.

Our initiatives include:

Quality of Care – Build upon statewide leadership demonstrated by GDAHA to provide the most efficient, effective, and highest quality of care to patients in the Dayton region.

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Advocacy – Communicate and facilitate the development of a positive public health policy that supports our members’ efforts to deliver state-of-art healthcare services.

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Health Information Technology – Provide opportunities for GDAHA members to implement health information technology by leveraging available resources that enhance the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of patient care.


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