Mary E. Porter, BSN, RN, CHEP

Regional Healthcare Coordinator

Phone: 937.424.2364


Mary Porter is a graduate of Wright State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.  She is currently a contracted employee of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association where she serves as the Regional Healthcare Coordinator. She is responsible for meeting the Regional Hospital Preparedness Program Grant deliverables, by developing and enhancing the West Central Ohio Healthcare Coalition.

Mary has provided training for over 11 years in “Hospital Incident Command Systems and National Incident Management System” (HICS/NIMS) through the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association. She has developed regional and hospital focused disaster drills and after-action reports utilizing the HSEEP format; implemented disaster preparedness and training programs; and developed and maintained emergency preparedness and response plans

While serving as a hospital Safety Officer, Mary ensured compliance with local, federal, and state regulations including the Joint Commission guidelines for the Physical Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management Standards. She assessed and initiated corrective action upon the discovery of unsafe acts and, or hazardous conditions when those conditions immediately threaten life and health; She coordinated and managed risks assessment, reduction activities and disseminated summaries.

Mary is a Registered Nurse,  Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional  (CHEP) and an American Society of Healthcare Engineer’s (ASHE ) member with a strong background in safety, emergency management and nursing leadership.