Helping connect people to medical & social services needed for a healthy life.

The Dayton Regional Pathways HUB is a free program to help connect people to medical and social services they and their loved ones need most. Every Pathways HUB participant partners with a community health worker to empower them to make decisions regarding their health and well-being. A community health worker connects them to resources and services to manage risks one by one, allowing the participant to take charge and achieve a healthier life.

What is the Pathways HUB?

The Pathways HUB is a nationally certified, evidence-based methodology for identifying and addressing individually modifiable risk factors. It is an outcome-focused, pay-for-performance network for Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs) that hire and train Community Health Workers (CHWs) to reach out to those at greatest risk, identify their barriers, and assure that they are connected to medical, social, and behavioral health services. The Pathways HUB model works to provide positive outcomes to the community using a three-step process: identify the barriers, assign Pathways to provide care, and measure the results of that care.

Each barrier to health that is addressed is known as a “Pathway.” There are 20 Pathways in the HUB model. A Pathways Community HUB improves health, reduces costs, and promotes equity.

The Pathways Community HUB model was created over 20 years ago to specifically address disparities in infant mortality. Today, the Dayton Regional Pathways HUB strives to help low-income women have healthy pregnancies and babies and connects pregnant women to needed medical and social services – including food, housing, transportation, cribs, and diapers. In addition to helping pregnant women, it has expanded to include all other populations in our community.


9 Partner Agencies
40 CHWs Working With Clients
1 Centralized Data System

Core to the Pathways HUB model is partnering throughout the community to do this important work with clients. Interested in learning more? Contact

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Patient Referrals

Our primary focus began by serving pregnant women and those who have recently given birth; however, we recently expanded our clientele to include the elderly population, young adults, and those with substance use disorder, particularly those who are Medicaid-eligible.

Referral sources can include client self-referrals or referrals from social service agencies or medical providers.

To make a referral to the Dayton Regional Pathways HUB, please fill out the referral form located on this page and email it to If you have any questions, please call the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association at 937-424-2361 or email

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The Ohio State University

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Director of Human Services and Planning and Development for MC

Montgomery County Human Services & Planning

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East End Community Services

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Health Commissioner

Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County

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Dayton Children’s Hospital

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Premier Health

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Director of Community Behavior Health Science

Dayton Children’s Hospital

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Director of Health Promotion

Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County

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