Community Pathways HUB

Community Pathways HUB


The Dayton Regional Pathways HUB is a regional clinical-com-munity linkages care coordination system that addresses the medical and social determinants of health.

The Pathways HUB strives to help low-income women have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. The Pathways HUB connects pregnant women to needed medical and social services – including food, housing, transportation, cribs and diapers.

The Pathways HUB system includes multiple care coordination agencies that employ community health workers and other care coordinators, who work with residents to identify their greatest risks and manage them one by one.

The Dayton Regional Pathways HUB is seeking referrals for patients who are pregnant and are Medicaid eligible.

While the program will expand to serve other members of the family and community, our focus at this time is on pregnant women and those who have recently given birth.

To make a referral to the Dayton Regional Pathways HUB, or if you have any questions, please call the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association at 937-424-2362 or email



Hub Overview Handout

Pregnancy Hub Handout

HUB Referral Form

Pregnancy Hub Client Brochure

Helpful Videos:

Open House – February 23, 2021


“Funding to support the Dayton Regional Pathways HUB is also provided by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health”